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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 16, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> baltimore city police continue to investigate after a fight at the inner harbor leads in to two men gunned down on a busy saturday night downtown. good evening. i am deborah weiner repeated it is our big story tonight at 6:00. police are questioning witnesses and are reviewing surveillance footage -- i am deborah weiner. it is our big story. kim dacey has more. >> police say the shooting
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happened just after 10:00 last night in stride -- inside the pavilion, when someone pulls a gun during theç fhwht. police say a 20-ramana shot in the leg, and a younger man was shot in the form -- a 20-year- old man was shot in the leg. a younger man was shot in the forearm. there was a warning that something bad was about to happen. >> shortly before the shooting, we had an individual approach the officers who were patrolling the inner harbor, and they told the officers that there was an armed person, and he was described as a blackmail which a white t-shirt and blue jeans. he had a heavy set to build. while in the process of looking for that suspect, shots rang out inside the pavilion. >> police still are in the early part of the investigation. if you know anything, give them a call.
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reporting live, kim dacey, a tv 11 news. >> all right, and mayor sheila dixon released a statement tonight saying, in part, "we will not allow them to create a nuisance of any kind or to hang out, and those that gridlock, intimidate, or create a nuisance." and police have taken one person into custody after one man was taken into custody in northeast çhe would shot just after it o'clock 30 this morning. the victim was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to be faced. no word on his condition tonight -- he was shot just after 10:30 this morning. >> well, we managed to have another two in a row, another gorgeous day the senate, and that will continue as we head into our m&a. a few clouds in maryland. plenty of sunshine. clear skies tonight.
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90 degrees out towards westminster, 93 in frederick. a little cooler closer towards the water, 85 in ocean city and a very nice day at the beach, but 95 out in cumberland. mostly clear, winds out of the south tonight, a little bit on the light side. we will talk about how long this very pleasant weather will last and an increase in humidity, and now, three new tropical systems to talk about it. >> thank you. ocean city officials are looking into changing a law requiring carbon monoxide detectors in hotels to better insure compliance. three people were hospitalized and others of sick and after a leak at the americana hotel. they did not have the co2 detectors. two people died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the past, and itç applies to muldiç unit dwellings also.
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the lieutenant governor anthony brown was a guest on our sunday morning questions and answers segment. he explain the possible cut in local government to and what it all means -- he explained it. >> it means a lot of tough decisions ahead of us. basically, the governor is going to the board of public works, certainly over $400 million north of quds yesterday, announcing that $250 million would come from local government. there are a lot of tough decisions -- $400 million worth of cuts yesterday. there are some tough times, not unique to marriage. this is part of this global recession. -- not unique to maryland. it will not be easy. >> and if you would like to see the full interview with lieutenant governor brown, we posted it on our website on our homepage. and next sunday morning, our
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first lady of theé@ state wille here on august 23. if you have a question, senator was at our website. that is sundayquestions@wba l.co9m. ç--ç .com. the president is looking like he may have to bend but may still not win republican support with his health-care plan. brian mooar has this from washington. >> president obama visits the grand canyon. it is a fitting metaphor as he tries to bridge the chasm in the health care debate. in a wuertz town hall meeting on saturday, he tried to explain his plan and knock down the rumors. >> things like we want to set up a death panels to pull the plug on grandma, i mean, come on? >> he insists he is not pushing
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government run health care, and in an op ed piece, he writes that he does not believe anyone should be in charge of your health care decisions except you and your doctor. democrats are rushing the process, some say. >> so i think when some can i get a copy of the bill to read, they can get some ideas that say what do you mean, but i think some of this is supported put together that it can lead to different decisions. >> some democrats are talking about going it alone. >> it seems the republicans are just not going to cooperate no matter what. >> but others say a situation is important requires a bipartisan solution. >> we are going to be ready when we are ready. we're going to be ready and hoped to reach a conclusion by the middle of september. >> and until then,ç the presidt will bóntinue to sell health care reform and try to bring more americans to his side of
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the political divide. the white house is now signalling it may be willing to give up its so-called public option, a controversial plan that may not have enough senate support to survive anyway. in washington, i am brian mooar, wbal tv 11 news. >> and one local politician is doing his part to make sure the people from maryland know what is going on pertaining to health care. meantime, the delegates is planning a community health forum on his own to clarify any confusing information. >> the politicians on the federal level have been doing that, and we need to do it on a state level, so i am going to have that here so that we can it get the information and get the truth about health-care reform. >> that town hall meeting is scheduled for september 13 at his church in woodlawn. still ahead on 11:00 news at
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6:00, one man is attacked as he tries to help a woman who was screaming for help. and a crash at an air show leaves a one dead and several others injured. devastating pictures as recover up next. >> will talk about the tropical storm cloud that may affect us in t cash for clunkers is available at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy this silverado half-ton for $228 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payment.
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go to for details.
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>> covering the nation tonight, police in milwaukee say they have a man in custody who attacked the mayor while leaving the fair. the mayor was calling 911 and was struck on the head by a metal pipe by the man who was attacking that woman. the suspect fled the scene, but police arrested in this morning after searching for him. the woman was not injured, and the mayor is in stable condition. a woman was killed in russia today during an air show, which had a crash during an exhibit in
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moscow. over five people were seriously injured when one of the jets flew into a house. the accident is still under investigation, but officials believe it may be caused by pilot error. the ravens are taking to the field again. we have more in sports. >> a few clouds right now. overall, a beautiful day. let's take a look at the conditions. a great evening for maybe barbequing. the humidity is a little on the low side. we willç talk about someç
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>> in tonight's project economy report, cash for clunkers is causing big problems, we hear, for charities. while car owners rush in to do that, they say donations have
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fallen 12% and expect a number to increase to 25% over the next year. charities say that as the nation's slow down, help for the needy may be affected -- as the donations slowed down. -- slow down. >> a very nice evening is starting to set up outside. gorgeous or maybe a little bit of a barbecue or for a walk. clear skies, a few clouds tried to push into northern virginia, in a few scattered thunderstorms out towards the maryland mountains. temperatures right now are 93 in frederick,ç ç90 downtown, ledt bwi, 85 further down to the south, 85 in ocean city. a great day to be on the beach -- 80 at bwi.
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we are technically above average. mostly clear, 62 to 70 degrees out of the south. high pressure is still in control throughout the day on monday providing those clear skies. this tropical storm is coming up the works of a little bit. we have actual is loaded down the changes -- that tropical storm is coming up -- gi,,og i umming up the works. this storm will start to fall apart a little bit. we're still watching for tropical storm bill, and it
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tropical depression -- and a tropical depression. we're not expecting too much from this, but it is pushing its way. we have to keep a close eye now on bill, as it has the potential to strengthen to a category 3 or category four by friday. it still looks like it is going to be staying out to sea, but it is something we need toçyu(u(r@ very closely. for tomorrow, mostly sunny. there are games tomorrow afternoon, a gorgeous day for some baseball. at the shore, 91 in the maryland mountains, but with the index, it will still be in the 80's, and it is important to wear sunscreen. your 7-day forecast shows a chance of some evening storms. during the day, it should be all right. another stronger front moves through friday lingering into saturday.
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by sunday, scattered storms and 87. >> all right, pete is here, and he has something to say about the baltimore orioles. >> 4.5 hours were common and they rallied back. you will not believe -- 4.5 you will not believe -- 4.5
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>> the trademark images of the orioles a draft of the second years, some bonehead plays, guy's not hustling is, mailing it in, but today, nothing but effort and hustle. ççthe bottom 3, roberts. two-run shot, his 10th, 4-0, 4-
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2. luke scott tried to bring it back. it is a lead of 6-2, now 6-3. this power is returning that he had earlier in the year. a gain of six-three. top of the seventh. mike napoli. a pretty good drive to the malaise. how about this? think he is an all-star? -- and a pretty good drive to the left. bottoms 9 now, and jones to the left. not quite. just a few feet shy of winning it with that home run, but it ties the game at 8-8. the orioles escaped a host of angels threats, but no more. off of brian bass. the angels' pi on nine runs in the ninth inning, a heartbreaking result -- the angels pile on nine runs. they get a win.
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the ravens today signed a lemon, nothing with those cash for clunkers, but one while john beck rehabs his shoulder injury. the second round pick enjoyed a debut on thursday. we saw it in full force against the redskins. his effort of a sack. çat times, he seemedç unsure. we can find your game 2 against the jets. >> it was a big game for me. it was my first nfl game. i could experience the atmosphere and the routine and how would all works. >> and another rookie. mark sanchez bynes his first start. -- earns his first start.
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his first pass, 42 yards. the head coach said afterward he could not believe that was the play col. others cannot either. sanchez started one season at usc. of course, ravens plan to give him a slightly different look. a major international competition, no denying his astounding feat of running, but you have to wonder what he might accomplish if usain bolt ran the entire 100 meters. today, we know. he ran the third fastest in history. he's still got blown out. -- he's still got blown out. bolt destroys the record by more than one-tenth of a second.
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just slightly faster, in çmichigan, three laps toç go,e three-time defending champion jimmy johnson. going along swimmingly until he runs out of gas would just over two laps to go. he drives right through, vickers earning a second career victory, the first ever for toyota in michigan. dale earnhardt, jr. finishes third, and, of course, there is one other story going on. tiger woods, we thought it was a foregone conclusion. this is getting very interesting. y.e. yang, he made dust off tiger. >> still ahead, the 7-day >> still ahead, the 7-day
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>> keeping an eye on three storms. >> 3 storms. one is getting better. and then we have caught dead, which is actually coming in the next couple of days -- we have clot that -- claudette. if you like yesterday, you will like m&a. most of the day on tuesday, evening thunderstorms possible -- you will like m&a. mostly cloudy for your thursday -- m&a -- you will like m&a --
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monday. \ this is good news. >> that is it for 11:00 news at 6:00 -- for the news at 6:00. >> this is a wbal editorial would ceo gordon lot lead. >> seen these words and action, merriman hosts its annual
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special olympics -- seeing these words in action, maryland hosts its annual special olympics. eunice shriver open these 41 years ago. -- opened to these. the joint of come moderate and hard work. -- the joy of camaraderie. she changed the world, and she did. special olympics is the largest movement for inclusion for people with special situations. it helped hundreds of thousands of volunteers that work with special olympians. there was the family mantra of service to others. within hours of her passing, her family summed up her legacy in a simple statement. her devotion to god, her family, and her dedication to people. she worked without pushing, demanding, hoping for change.
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we will wonder what their legacy will be. we have to look no further than our own playground and ball fields to see her living legacy. ççit shines greatly in the eyf our special olympians.
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